Harmony - An End To Dominance Reduction & Wolf Pack Mentality In Dog Training


So it must be said that it was not without trepidation that I began to experiment in earnest and put my theory to the test.

And here’s what happened in actuality.


Harmony In Action - Proof That LOVE Works To Heal Relationships!


I would go upstairs and at the first scratching of the puppy, I would go back down again, open the kitchen door, cuddle the puppy (“Oh no!” the old fashioned dog trainers and nursery nurses began to shout, “you’re making a rod for your own back! The puppy will grow up a monster!!!”), put it back in it’s bed and tell it with full eye contact and meaning, “Now then, little one, all is well. I’m upstairs and if you need me for anything, just call me and I will come. Good night now. I love you.”

Then I would turn off the light, close the door and sit at the bottom of the step until the scratching and first little whimper would start up again, and I’d repeat the self same thing.

With this particular puppy, a very sensitive 8 week old poodle cross God-alone-knows-what, it took 8 repetitions and a total of 1 hour 12 minutes for silence to reign and for me to go to bed. It called me twice more that night, and once or twice a night for another 3 days. After that, it did not call me any more apart from one occasion about a week later and when I went to see it, it was distressed and a little while later, threw up something that looked like an old fish skeleton.

I wrote down my findings in a note book and mused for some considerable time on the last puppy in my house, that had howled for hours on end and finally got to sleep in my bed in the end anyway simply because the neighbours sent the police round repeatedly.

Realising of course that one puppy doesn’t make a paradigm shift, I then went back to my referring trainers and assistants, told them the whole story and asked them to try it out.

They listened with both eyebrows raised but luckily enough, I had an excellent reputation and track record for being sensible and practical in all my dealings and innovations, so they gave me the benefit of the doubt and a rather half hearted, “Ahm, ok Silvia ... we’ll try it ...”


Separation Anxiety Cured In One Single Night

One of these, a very conservative lady, had taken receipt of a rescued GSD bitch that very afternoon and in the night, grew fearful that the bitch would break through the glass kitchen door and injure herself severely, as she was throwing herself against it senselessly in absolute panic of separation anxiety.

As the lady, who happened to be a highly qualified and supremely experienced dog obedience instructor and trainers trainer, didn’t know what else she could do (and sleeping with the dog in the bedroom was not an option on account of her husband and his views on the topic), she half heartedly tried “Silvia’s new fangled theory”.

She went back into the kitchen and told the dog that she needed to sleep and that she was just upstairs, feeling very foolish by her own admission for doing so.

Guess what. The GSD bitch calmed right down and called the lady three more times before in that household too, peace and silence reigned that lasted until 7am the next morning when the bitch began to bark to be let out into the garden. The rescued bitch never called again after that – not once and until she died in 2003.

From mad separation anxiety to total peace in one single night.

The good people who tried out the Harmony Programme on their cats, dogs, horses, husbands and in their boarding kennels, rescue kennels, wildlife parks, you name it, were absolutely astonished how easy it was to calm a creature in this way and how it did the exact opposite of what we all had believed it would do – instead of a needy monster that would haunt you all your living, breathing hours, what we were creating were balanced, satisfied individuals that seemed to find a sense of confidence in their environments, in us, and most importantly, within themselves.

Before we go on to Harmony Programme exercises, I would like to tell you why I am taking my time in this assignment to tell you all of this.

The Harmony Programme is not something that we can use as healers from the outside to make “everything all right” in behavior problems that are rooted in attention seeking.

  • It is something that the caretakers need to be told about and need to at least try, no matter how half heartedly, to get an understanding of the benefits for everyone involved.

The “need for attention energy” is a daily one, and it is important that the owners make changes in their interactions with the animal in question to supply at least a baseline of positive attention energy and begin to find ways of backing away from negative attention energy exchanges.


Positive VS Negative Energy Interactions

Although for that part of the system which processes attention energy it really doesn’t seem to matter what kind of attention is being given, the kind of attention (positive or negative) has many repercussions on other energetic exchanges and on the systems of both caretaker and animal.

Any animal carer knows that animals will prefer a shouting at or a beating rather than being ignored. This is also true for children and of course, the delinquents in the prisons and mental hospitals that these children eventually become.

Eliciting negative attention (being shouted at, threatened, chased around, reprimanded, punished) is so much easier and so much more freely forthcoming in this society of ours, it is scary.

You might laugh, but I can’t remember the last time a policeman stopped me on the road and commended me on my safe driving skills. I also don’t think I’ve ever had a friendly letter from the taxman thanking me sincerely for paying up every year on time, either. But I guess that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With the kind of set up that ignores the good completely but crashes into action for bad behavior immediately, you can see how easily animals fall into thinking that the only way they can get this vital life energy is by resorting to annoying behaviors and escalating to worse and worse ones over time.

The problem with this process is that prolonged negative attention energy exchanges are bad for the self esteem of both the caretaker and the animal/s; they lead to tension, terrible stress, less in the way of touch and over time, less and less desire to interact at all which cannot help but create a vicious downward spiral where everyone involved cannot help but suffer. The end result of this unloving spiral is usually euthanasia or re-homing of the animal in question.

Even way back then, I began to talk about “reconnecting the owner and the animal” and using “natural communication” and “the underlying strand of love” to do so.

Energy therapy in action, only I didn’t even know the name then.


How To Re-Connect The Love Is Next ...

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