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The Cure For Attention Seeking behavior Disorders


It is so simple – following the “crying baby” model for filling the need as soon as it arises, all Attention Seeking behavior Disorders can be entirely avoided as well as cured by giving focussed attention immediately and as soon as the request has been received.

This does not mean one has to put one’s entire life on hold or “run rings around the creature” – it is literally a simple little flash of attention at the right time and when first asked for it; the classic “a stitch in time saves nine” principle.

Rather than “rewarding” attention seeking behavior, it never gets to escalate, the creature’s energy system remains balanced and the disturbed behavior never need take place at all.

As the babies who are fed when they are hungry cry markedly less or not at all, creatures who receive attention energy (or love or recognition energy) when they ask for it, their attention seeking behaviors become markedly less frequent, markedly less dramatic and may cease altogether once the system has been in operation for a while and the creature has understood that not only can it get what it needs just the for the asking, but also its energy system has become more robust, more healthy, more resilient and won’t collapse when there is a time when attention is in short supply.

Let us now look at how to apply this theory in practice when treating severely disturbed forms of animal behavior, and including trance and repetitive behavior problems.

Animal Autism, Trance behaviors & Repetitive behaviors

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