Harmony - An End To Dominance Reduction & Wolf Pack Mentality In Dog Training

And then one day, it hit me like a ton of bricks what it was that was so completely overlooked in scientific animal behavior and yet so glaringly on display if only one would open one’s eyes as THE major factor of successful companion animal relationships:


With my heart beating high, I went through the many books on animal behavior and especially, companion animal behavior and I could not find that word in a single one of them at the time.

It was an absolute revelation to me that opened my eyes to the Universe as it really was in a heartbeat and probably changed me more than any other experience I have had on this plane.


What exactly is Love?

Right from the start, I was well aware that what I meant by “love” was not some kind of mushy, fluffy pink behavior that results in putting knitted jackets on Alaskan Malamutes because “it makes him look so cute”.

Love was some kind of energy form that existed naturally between an owner and an animal and that was a major driver for otherwise completely inexplicable behavior.

Why, I ask you, why if this did not exist, could it possibly be explained that a seventy year old arthritic tiny lady can walk with that massive, uncastrated GSD by her side who obeys her and makes sure the lead stays loose as not to hurt her?

She’s not dominating him, she’s not even hormonally targettable as an “alpha female” any more. She is asking him nicely if he would mind sitting there for a while whilst she goes into a shop and he says - yes.

What is that?

That is not and never, “dog eat dog” scientific laboratory beagle behavior.

  • This is a fully formed, deeply bonded, highly interactive, mature relationship between two entirely sentient beings who are trying to co-operate as best they can.

Those two look at each other and something passes between them – and this something is not a result of training or communication, but the baseline for any of it in the first place.

An energetic connection of the highest order that will remain even through extreme suffering, that is at some level beyond reproach and quite regardless of either creature’s limitations.

We can call it what we like, but it sure looks like “love” to me.


Dominance Reduction Programs Strangle Love

With this new mindset I went back and looked again what happens in the interactions when a Dominance Reduction Program is being applied.

Firstly, the owner is told that the dog is “trying to take over”. This sets the war metaphor in place and reframes the owner’s experiences in that light – the dog coming up with a toy is not just wanting to play, but it is in fact a part of a long term, devious strategy to grab all the power and become the Hitler of the household.

In our last unit, we talked about what happens in medical interventions when war metaphors are applied, and we had an experience of accepting the problem unconditionally in the “becoming the vortex” exercise.

Do please note that the vortex is the same vortex, but as we change our perspective or frame of reference from war to understanding, we receive a rush of new insights and the universe expands all of a sudden.

In Dominance Reduction Program interventions, the relationship universe contracts as the dog becomes the enemy.

You contract it too much and you will reduce the possibility of incidences of “good energy exchanges” to the point where the creature in question experiences such a shortfall of this essential energy (and make no mistake, it is absolutely essential and systemically built into any species that forms relationships, no matter how rudimentary, with others of its kind) that a systemic collapse occurs and the relationship simply dies.

  • It is EXACTLY this shortfall of essential energy that drives behavior disturbances, stress related illness and in the end, systemic shutdown and death.

Understanding Attention Seeking Behavior Disorders

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