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Dog Training & Dog Behaviour - Free Downloads and Online Catalogue of Dog Behaviour & Training Manuals

Healing The Pain of Pet Bereavement, Animal Bereavement and Pet Loss.

Helping you remember the love!



EFT For Animals


For all Harmony Owners & Trainers: You NEED Animal EFT. It is a gift of wonderful proportions and will really help you with all manner of training, behaviour AND health challenges most profoundly. Free protocol, go now.



Dynamic dog training and behavior with a1dog

S.A. Kent's dog training and behaviour manuals. 

Lots of free downloads on dog training and behavior.

All are practical and sensible as well as being Harmony compliant. 

Affiliate Programme For Website Owners.


Barbara from Working Dog Web understands Harmony and made us "Site of the Month" on our very first month on the Internet. See also "Awards".

Animal Energy Healing With Silvia Hartmann at http://Sidereus.org

Energy Healing For Animals - Professional



Spirit Animal Wolf - Lots more about spirit animals, animal totems, animal angels at spirit-animal.net!

The Spirit Of Animals - Celebrating The Spirit Of Animals!

Animal angels, spirit animals, animal totems, stories about animals, animal backgrounds - for all who love animals.



Dog, Dogs, a Canine Wonderland! -

If you love dogs, visit I-Love-Dogs.com now for tons of free dog stuff!

 Kristalas Imports - Imported High Quality Dog Apparel, Leather Harnesses, Muzzles, Collars, Leashes and Leads. 

Pet care and pet info

 Pet dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret and small pet.  Articles about pets, pet finder and pet central, your pet portrait gallery, free pet classifieds, pet poll in  http://www.ahappypets.com/

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Sidereus Energy Healer For Animals

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