The Harmony Programme by Silvia Kent

The Road To EmoTrance

The following is an annotated transcript of the first time EmoTrance was presented to an audience of MET peers at the European Energy Therapies Conference, August 4th, 2002, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, by Dr Silvia Hartmann.

This lecture outlines the developmental history of EmoTrance and how the underlying principles and pre-suppositions were arrived at.


EmoTrance – The Developmental History

You might have heard a few things about EmoTrance by now, and so what I want to do is to make you familiar with the theoretical underpinnings and the developmental history of the therapy form I have called EmoTrance or ET for short.

In order to understand what ET is, what it is for and how it works, we have to back up to 1988. Now it is important to understand that I am not a teacher or a healer, but my mission is to learn and find out more about the universe. I see things and if I find them fascinating, I will explore them with single-minded intention.


When I understand something new, I might write about it.

EmoTrance is a completed segment of a jig-saw puzzle I have been working on for as long as I know. It’s a fantastic healing tool, a superb intuition trainer and a lot more besides, depending on how you want to use it or what you want to use it for.

In 1988, I was working with the patterns of animal behaviour. We were studying the drivers for attention seeking behaviour disorders in social mammals at that time and I certainly wasn’t swimming with the dolphins back then. We were studying things like the effects of certain food colorants on the behaviour of Cocker Spaniels, doing statistics and actual research, collecting data and such.


  • But our story begins as we started researching the Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorder (ASBD) patterns – and I must point out that this particular disorder spans a vast range of problem behaviours and can manifest in extreme and bizarre problems.


Attention seeking behaviour can escalate into aggression, withdrawal, self mutilation, autism and rage attacks, trance behaviours, in fact all the really serious behaviour problems in social animal behaviour not directly caused by environmental circumstance are attention seeking behaviour related.

Now, this was the very first time that I personally came across the idea that there was something invisible at work, that there was something a social creature needs, and if they don’t get this invisible and un-measurable something, the creature will get sick. First, it gets stressed out, then it gets psychotic, gets skin diseases, the body breaks down and in the end, it will die.

We tried to find what this might be, find alternatives – pheromones, chemicals, practical, hard causative reasons for this but in the end, we just had to throw up our hands in horror and admit that there was, indeed, something invisible at work – a kind of energy exchange that happens when one social creature requests attention from another and if it doesn’t receive it, there is a of shortfall in their systems and they are reacting to this with panic.

There are old studies that prove that babies will die if they don’t receive social attention, even though their physical bodies were being cared for. It is true that variants on the old “attention seeking disorders” probably account for 85% of all human illness, mental and physical alike. That’s why people die in old people’s homes and women whose children leave home become depressed or hysterical as a result.

But be this as it may, what we have here is that energy is being requested from another creature, usually of the same species. This energy needs to be sent, and then it needs to be received by the one who requested it. Lastly, they need to be able to process it. There is something beneficial, nutritious about this energy which social creatures need to function and actually, even to survive.

This was my first ever contact with the “energetic nutrition system”, and it was profound. Now when the energetic nutrition system breaks down, as is the case in autism for example, when the creature will seek attention but when it is given – sent – but they cannot receive or process it, very serious problems arise.

In 1993 I published my research findings and the resulting conclusions I drew from it in a paper called The Harmony Program which explains and deals with the problems relating to this systemic energy exchange that is absolutely structural and just the same in people as it is in dolphins, monkeys or poodles.

So, as I said, this was my first brush with the energy system and the understanding that we as people have energetic nutritional requirements.


From then on, I began to tentatively investigate these invisible occurrences that had such amazing impacts on the physical well-being and an individuals abilities to deal with life at all.


This is an excerpt from "Oceans of Energy: EmoTrance Vol. 1" a system for working with and healing the energy system of human beings by Dr Silvia Hartmann, based absolutely on the Harmony Program.


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