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Re-Connecting The Love

In the original Harmony programme, I advised my then assistants and trainees to find moments when the owner/caretaker had experienced a “falling in love” with the creature in question – the moment when they chose that one animal in a litter, or a herd, or from a choice of all the animals on this planet.

Sometimes, it wasn’t so much an active choice and someone might have just had a moment somewhere and accepted a rescued or unwanted animal into their hearts and homes but unless the caretaker absolutely never wanted the animal in the first place (which is a very rare occurrence indeed and not a one you are likely to come across amongst the clientele that would seek out an animal energy healer) there is always that moment when two creatures met and fell in love.

Now and exactly as it is with people, stuff happens, annoying things happen, bad things happen and that love connection gets plastered over with daily negativity and unhappiness until a point may be reached when you can’t see it shining out any more under all that rubbish that has been piled upon it, and one or the other creature truly believes that “the love is dead”.

For one, this is a very sad moment indeed when they think, “I don’t love you any more.”

  • But for the other, it is the end of the world as the echo arises in return, “They don’t love me any more.”

It is one of the very worst energetic injuries any social creature is capable of sustaining in the Hard, and can prove to be incurable and fatal, indeed.

To take a client back in time to a time when this love was still clear and clearly visible and could be touched just by looking at the creature is a direct energetic effort at clearing away some of the rubbish and reminding everyone concerned about the energetic realities of the situation.

Establishing this baseline or base connection of love, that it is absolutely still there and absolutely still as bright and beautiful as it was the first time they looked upon the creature and made that connection with them, is the most healing intervention you can possibly make in any situation involving behaviour problems of any kind.

With the baseline love connection in place, the human client will:

Have more patience under all circumstances. Often, behaviour problems and especially the type that has lead to the trance-escape states or even autism, can take a while to undo, re-route and bring back to an even flow of the individual and it’s environment.

Have more faith & trust. During this time of re-balancing, learning new behaviours and dropping off old and unhelpful ones, the owner/caretaker must support the creature in many different ways and must be willing to accept setbacks and plateaus without losing heart or focus. If you love someone, you can do that and it isn’t even hard.

Have the desire for change and to keep the relationship alive. Without these two key points, all is lost. Literally. If the owner gives up, there’s nothing you, or I, or even the angels can do to help the creature from thereon in. If you love, you don’t give up easily, if ever at all.

* Exercise 1 – Falling In Love

Think of an older animal you know, one that may have been with you for many years and might not, at this time, be the total focus of your attention. If you do not have or know of such an animal, a human friend is a perfect stand in for this exercise.

Think back on a time, perhaps long ago, when first you met this creature. Allow yourself to really remember what it was like, then – remember details about the meeting, what time of day it was, where it was, what you were wearing and so on.

Now, remember the moment when you first fell in love and also then, remember how you felt at that time.

Holding the feeling steady, allow time in your mind to pass as it does and consider the animal as it is today.

Reflect on how your feelings towards the animal have changed as a result of this exercise.

* Exercise 2 – Magic Moment

For this exercise, remember a time when you connected deeply with an animal. A time when you looked into an animal’s eyes and it looked back and you knew that something extraordinary had happened, a moment that changed you both in some way and changed your relationship after it had taken place.

Remember and really re-experience this moment of connection as fully and on as many levels as you can.

Sit for a moment after the exercise and give grace.

The purpose of the two exercises above is to bring to your conscious awareness as well as setting up your unconscious systems, to recognise that special energy that makes up a “love connection” between two mortal creatures here in the Hard.

Once you have recognised and experienced it yourself, it becomes much easier to target and re-call this energy in others you are working with. To this end, here is an exercise with another human who will stand in for your future clients:

* Exercise 3 – Remember ...

Find a willing human and talk to them about an animal of theirs. Ask them about those two incidences from Exercise 1 and 2. You do not have to make a big deal about it, just ask them conversationally, for example, “Where did you get X? When was that? How did you come to choose X? What was special about X?” For Exercise 2, you can ask, “Did you ever have a special moment with X? Something you really remember?”

As they think about it and answer you, keep a close track on their states and energy emanations. See if you can guide them to a point where you can absolutely feel the resonance of their experiences with the love connection in yourself.

* Exercise 4 – The Love Connection

Now, strengthen and nourish that love connection you have brought to the human’s awareness in any way that comes to you.

You could, for example:

simply add your blessing and love to it in harmonic resonance;

add a The Gift style strengthening/re-balancing, such as sending waves of support of a colour, a bright light that restores and cleans the connection or anything that your intuition provides for you;

gently raise the vibration so that the love connection always remains above and unblemished by whatever happens in The Hard AND the person knows it does, too.

Give them a silent blessing and continue the conversation until you have reached a natural exit point.

Do this exercise with at least three different humans and note how the energy of the love connection is immediately recognisable in each case.

> Tutor Comment – The Fear Of Love

When this is done in workshops, an objection is nearly always raised from the participants and it goes like this:

“Isn’t it dangerous to strengthen someone’s love connections to another creature? Is it ecological? Doesn’t it make bereavement much worse when the creature dies? Won’t they become ever so upset if they lose the creature or if it is ill?”

These questions come from the presupposition that love makes us vulnerable to terrible suffering and pain and it might be better to not love at all, or at least keep a lid on how much we love, so we need not experiences these awful feelings.

This is a classic Harmony Programme style dilemma, only it isn’t a dilemma at all, we were just and once again, taught and entrained to believe that it is.

George Harrison had a point when he said, “All you need is love.” Oh, for sure, that line has been beaten to death and heard so many times that it has become hardly more than “Coca Cola is The Real Thing” in our neurologies but the fact is that it’s true.

All you need is love. The more you have of it, the more powerful you become, the more centred within yourself, the more unassailable you are to doubt, fear and panic; the more you are able to cope with anything at all the universe can possibly throw at you.

From a place of love, you can do things that you thought were beyond you.

You can stand pain, unbelievable suffering and in the end, if you just love enough, you can quite happily allow yourself to be nailed onto a cross, drink from the hemlock chalice or walk voluntarily to the bonfire for burning – this truly is the only way to overcome and find strength, courage, perseverance, dedication, and every single human attribute that’s worth having at all.

Love truly does reach across time and space and it is truly, in that sense, eternal. It is not love that causes pain, it is backing away from it, holding back from it and disturbing its absolutely pure energies with entrained power games, domination games, possession games, punishment games and all the other kinds of games that people play.

Therefore, anything at all that you might do or contribute to strengthen love connections and the flow of this energy form – between creatures, between creatures and owners, between creatures, owners and you, between you and the universe, the land, the earth itself - is a holy pursuit of the highest order.

The Harmony Program - A Part of the Accredited Energy Healing For Animals Correspondence Course Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann. All Rights Reserved in All Media.

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