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Welcome To The Harmony Programme!

This site was created on December 26th, 2001, to share the insights of the original Harmony Programme as devised by Silvia Kent in 1993.

The context in which it first appeared was that of behaviour modification in problem dogs as relates specifically to attention seeking behavior, dominance behavior and dominance reduction programs, but The Harmony Programme is way beyond just that application.

However, if you are a dog owner - or indeed, any type of person who lives and seeks to understand and co-operate with companion animals of any kind - there are answers here that you could not find anywhere else in the world.

We are not here to convince you that this is right and true, no matter how it may contradict almost everything else you have ever been told, by some very important sounding people too.

The information is available for you to take, and hopefully try out for yourself before you make up your own mind if this is valuable to you - which is much more important than whether it is right.


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